In North America our clients value the security, stability and peace of mind that comes from working with the longest established professional individual life retrocession business in the world.

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"We believe in leading the way forward, not following the leader.  We were the first to bring professional retrocession to North America and our commitment to bring the best new opportunities and products for our clients in the region has never waned."

Robert Diefenbacher FSA, MAAA
Senior Vice President | Retrocession


In 2011 we bought Manulife Financial's life retrocession business, which provided us with the foundation of our business in North America.  As a leading life retrocessionaire, we work diligently to increase knowledge and expertise across the industry because we think in doing so, we ultimately build the potential for all our clients.  We take this seriously and are proud of the role we play in supporting the life reinsurance industry. 

As a business, it is tempting to expand beyond your expertise in order to grow your top line, but we know what sets us apart - our confidence.  We offer one of the highest per-life retentions of any retrocessionaire.  We are experts in data analysis and risk management, and offer a multitude of retrocession solutions to meet the needs of our clients, including mortality retrocession, whether excess of retention reinsurance, quota share arrangements and inforce block transactions. 

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