The team in our Asia office is responsible for building client relationships and developing innovative and creative propositions for our clients in Asia.


Alex King
Managing Director

Alex leads the team in Asia, working in close partnership with clients to develop new propositions for their customers.  He has over 20 years of experience in the UK and Asia Protection markets.  Since assuming the Managing Director role in September 2013, Alex has built the team from 25 to over 80 people strong, and has led the opening of our offices in Korea and China, significantly broadening our Asia client base.

"Protection forms the bedrock of financial advice.  We proudly innovate by bringing new propositions to our clients so they can reach out to more customers.  We provide wide perspectives on important matters; and we intuitively identify and solve our clients' problems."


Jeff Cook
Head of Underwriting & Claims, Product and SE Asian Marketing

Jeff oversees a number of teams across the Asia business, but his key focus lies in the delivery of underwriting and claims risk management solutions for our client base, as well as expanding the footprint of the UnderwriteMe digital protection new buisness platform.  He also oversees the introduction of new product ideas to the market, including origination through alternative distribution channels, and the marketing and communications function.

"We create real solutions for real people, and our customers really appreciate this."


Joanne Yeo
Head of Pricing

Joanne oversees our Asia pricing team and ensures the timely delivery of our pricing terms.  She joined Pacific Life Re in 2016 and has over 17 years of experience working in direct insurers, across functions such as actuarial and product development, in both local and regional capacities.  Joanne has been a Fellow at the Institute of Actuaries and the Singapore Actuarial Society since 2005, and was previously an Appointed Actuary of a large insurer in Singapore.

"Being at the forefront of industry developments, having a broad oversight across the Asian insurance market, and technical expertise across various functions enables us to excel at what we do." 


Jolene Loh
Head of Business Development

Jolene leads our client relationships and new business development in Asia.  She works closely with our clients to understand their needs, and in turn, proactively collaborate with them to deliver value propositions to meet those unique needs.  She has over 20 years of experience in various management positions.

"Life insurance is a people business.  It's all about delivering value to the client and meeting their specific needs, both now and in the future."


Ng Kok-G 
Head of Actuarial Reporting

Kok-G leads the Corporate Actuarial team in Asia and is a member of the Risk Management Committee.  His responsibilities include local and divisional statutory reporting, business planning, and developing the strategy for our Asia business.

"The collaborative nature of the way we work means that the opinions and expertise of people with different skills and experiences come together to make our initiatives a success.  We not only listen to the needs of our clients, but we also work with them to find innovative solutions to address the gaps and needs within the market."


Tan Mui Tze
Head of Finance and Operations

Mui Tze heads the finance and operations teams for the business in Asia.  She is responsible for a wide range of functions, including the internal management and external financial reporting, treasury, financial planning and analysis, and financial operating risk management.  She has been involved in several strategic office initiatives, including the establishment of the Singapore and Korea branches, and the Shanghai representative office, while providing inputs into the financial and operational implications of new reinsurance structures and products.

"By having a strong and competent team who collaborate well, we find that we are consistently able to achieve the right solutions for our clients." 


Mitsuhiro Tanaka
Head of Strategic Projects (Asia) and Head of Marketing (Japan)

Mitsuhiro is responsible for driving strategic projects for our Singapore branch, as well as overseeing marketing activities and client relationship management in Japan.  He was involved with the roll-out of our Korea branch office and supported the establishment of our representative office in Shanghai. 

"I enjoy the challenges of tailoring solutions for clients requiring different drivers of insurance companies, taking into account their range of stakeholders including their customers, salesforce, regulators and investors."

Adam Bell - resized

Adam Bell
Director, Human Resources

Adam leads the human resources function across Asia.  He has developed our talent management strategy and introduced succession planning, culture and engagement protocols, and talent review processes to support leaders to develop their teams.  Adam was active in the opening of the Korea branch and the Shanghai representative office.

"If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings - and put compensation as a carrier behind it - you almost don't have to manage them." ~Jack Welch


Hideki Shiina
Japan Representative

As the Japan Representative, Hideki's key responsibilities are marketing research in Japan, and communication management between our clients and the Singapore branch office.  He has over 20 years of relevant insurance industry experience, having worked in senior roles such as product development and business strategy.

"In business and in life, I believe that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."


Vivian Wei
China Representative

As the China Representative, Vivian plays an instrumental role in preparing Pacific Life Re for the China market through conducting market research on the ground.  She is also responsible for building up our relationships with the local regulator and insurance companies.  She has over 17 years of experience in the life insurance industry, spanning across China and Singapore. 

"Through thorough industry analysis, we are well-positioned to provide more specialised insights on risk management, thereby helping our clients dramatically improve the product design, underwriting process, and other risk controls."

Wesley Cui

Wesley Cui
Head of Greater China

Wesley is responsible for leading, developing, and implementing Pacific Life Re's marketing strategy in Greater China.  He has over 16 years of experience in both China and the UK, having worked in both direct life insurers and an international reinsurer across roles such as pricing and corporate valuation. He most recently led Willis Towers Watson's actuarial, strategy and management consulting business for both Life and Property & Casualty insurers in China.

"To me, the life insurance industry is a sacred business. It allows everyone to enjoy a beautiful life without having to worry about the downside risks. I am proud to be working with and empowering our cedent partners in providing protection to millions of individuals around the world."