Asia | March 2017

Race for Capital Optimisation

With local regulatory regimes making the transition to global reporting standards, we shared our thoughts on how the industry can adapt by planning ahead to ensure efficient capital management.  This article was first published in the Asia Insurance Review, March 2017 issue.  

Europe | February 2017

Keep Protection Simple

This paper highlights the key findings from our ongoing research, which investigates consumers' attitudes towards purchasing life insurance. 

Europe | January 2017

Brexit - What Now for Insurers?

With uncertainty still amounting after the Brexit vote, we wanted to take a look at the legislative impact (including Solvency II) on insurers given the extent of EU law in the insurance sector.  This paper discusses these potential impacts and how other changes, such as Passporting and The Great Repeal Bill might impact the UK insurance market.

Europe | December 2016 

Interest Rates: Riding the Rollercoaster

This paper discusses how yield curves were affected after the Brexit vote and the impact this has had on insurers.  It also looks at negative interest rates in continental Europe and examines the prospects of negative rates in the UK.

Asia | December 2016 | Asia Newsletter

Think Asia Issue #3

This newsletter provides a high level update on our Asia business unit, including a special feature about UnderwriteMe.

Europe | August 2016 | Protection Review Big Read

Looking at Protection with a Fresh Pair of Eyes

In this article, Darren Spriggs discusses the challenges we face in the UK Protection industry and encourages us to look at Protection with a fresh pair of eyes. 

Asia | August 2016 | Asia Newsletter

Think Asia Issue #2

This newsletter provides a high level update on our Asia business unit, including our new appointments.

Asia | June 2016

How New Technology is Shaping the Future of Underwriting and Underwriters

In this article, Deepak Gandhi and Rakesh Kaul discuss how the emergence of new technology has the potential to change the way we underwrite our customers, distribute insurance products, collect data, and change consumer behaviour in the actual buying of insurance products. 

Asia | May 2016

Personalising Insurance

This article, published in the Asia Insurance Review, explores ways that insurers can engage with their customers and lead to better customer experience and conversion rates. 

Asia | 15th December 2015 | Asia Newsletter

Think Asia Issue #1

This is the first edition of our Think Asia newsletter, where we will be sharing information on Pacific Life Re's activities in the region as well as news on our markets, their developments and trends.

Europe | October 2015

Guaranteed Over the Hill?

This brochure explores the recent changes in Over-50's insurance products, what the drivers have been behind these changes and what steps the industry could take to ensure these products are better able to meet the needs of consumers going forward. 

Australia | May 2015

Are We There Yet?

This paper investigates the reasons why the pace of change in the Australian Group Risk Insurance market was slower than expected and the barriers for implementing the proposed solutions. 

Europe | May 2015

Pre-application: A One-stop Protection Shop

In this article by The Actuary, Phil Jeynes looks at the customer journey when applying for protection insurance, and asks what can be learned from other industries while growing the market in the process.

Asia | November 2014

All-in-one Cancer Product

This brochure details the key findings from consumer research on the need for comprehensive cancer cover in Malaysia. 

Europe | November 2014

Consumer Insight

This brochure highlights the key findings from our ongoing research, which investigates consumers' attitudes towards purchasing life insurance. 

Europe | August 2012

Consumer Insight

This brochure highlights our findings from research we commissioned in 2012 to explore consumers attitudes towards purchasing life insurance.

Europe | November 2010

Consumer Insight

This brochure is the first in a series of research findings exploring consumers attitudes towards purchasing life insurance.


Asia | March 2016 | IFoA Asia Conference

Innovation: It Doesn't Just Happen

In this presentation, Darshan shares his views on innovation models which can spark innovation in everyone.  In this interactive session, the audience brainstormed, crowd sourced, voted and overcame pain points in the insurance industry through innovation. 

Thailand | November 2015 | Asian Actuarial Conference

Silver Insurance - The New Frontier

In this presentation, Darshan shares his views on the life, health and longevity insurance needs of the 'Silver Market' in Asia and how these can be met with innovation from the industry. 

Europe | October 2015 | ILAG PPG Briefing 

Rethinking Terminal Illness

This presentation details the findings from our Terminal Illness study, including the survival experience of terminal illness claimants, the impact of terminal illness on the cost of cover and the survival patterns by cause of terminal illness.  The presentation also explores practical claim management and how we can improve terminal illness cover going forward. 

Hong Kong | October 2015 | AIMA Conference

Getting the Best Out of New Underwriting Technology

A presentation on the common models of automated underwriting systems and the must-have features of an expert underwriting system; detailing the key functionality of UnderwriteMe.

Europe | July 2015 | Protection Review Conference

UK Protection - Realising Our Potential

Looking at the UK protection market from a global perspective and analysing the challenges, trends and opportunities we face.  The presentation also looks at lessons we can learn from other markets, particularly Australia. 

Europe | June 2015 | Pensions Conference

What Happens When The Money Runs Out?

A presentation on the pension developments in global markets, including the US, also looking at the implications for advisers in recommending longevity annuities and the risk considerations that would drive the appetite and pricing of providers. 

Europe | May 2015 | Health and Care Conference

What Are You Really Worried About?

A short analysis of cancer products around the world and how they compare against wider health protection.  This presentation also explores a possible blueprint for a UK product and the technical issues in designing and pricing such a product.